When Bad Tenants End Up In Your Property | Effective Actions Steps

LA Bad Tenants

When Bad Tenants End Up In Your Property | Effective Actions Steps

LA Bad TenantsFor an upcoming, current, and former landlords, having to deal with a bad tenant can become a nightmare. Though most renters are good clients, a property owner will encounter a problem tenant at least once in his property management career.

Even with a strict screening process, these tenants who are nothing but a headache could still slip through. And no matter how good of a landlord you are, how straightforward and clear is your communication, misunderstandings can happen.

In a statistic published by Rental Protection Agency (RPA), by December 2016 there are approximately 110,894,862 renters across the U.S., where California (densely concentrated in L.A.) is at 43.09%.

How To Deal With A Problem Tenant

The main objective of a landlord is to get paid for the leased real estate property. Next is to assist with the maintenance and rehabilitation (if needed) of the house or apartment with or without a renter. But as the property manager, your patience will be tested from time to time.

Delayed Payments or Unpaid Rents

The renting occupants may withhold the payments, either intentional or unintentional. For low-income dwellers, at some point within their leased contract, the cashflow may come short or worse, suffer from job loss. Unemployment could only worsen the owner’s problem.

Solution: Devise Payment Options

You need to be sensitive with your leasers too. Once or twice in anyone’s life, financial difficulties may arise and the occupants aren’t an exemption. A scheduled weekly partial payment could work, or once a year you would accept partial payments for the monthly rate.

Anything will work so long as there is a strict implementation of the set payment options and follows ups to ensure that everything will go as per agreement.

Neighborhood Conflict

Though a strict screening process can save you the trouble in dealing with problem leasers, future disagreements with a neighbor can not be avoided. Once they settle in, some of their actions can directly and negatively impact the occupants of the neighboring houses or apartments.

 Solution: Settle The Conflict Between Themselves

Include in your lease clause that tenants, should they find disputable differences toward each other, must settle the matter within themselves. If the issue will require your intervention, one of them may have to leave.

 Getting Past the Screening Process

As part of proper screening, credit records will be checked. Though this is a good way to weed out tenants with low credit score, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he will cause problems. There are better ways to ensure that you only entertain the right ones.

Solution: Thorough Background Check

Make sure to verify their employment and rental history, implement credit checks, and conduct a detailed interview. To run a credit check, simply ask for the Social Security number, complete name, and address; and make sure that you receive an authorization from them.

You may also speak with the previous landlords. You’ll know an applicant is a problem when the current landlord will give you a five star recommendation (just so they can get rid of the renter).

When Eviction Is A Hassle

Are you fed off with facing too many problem renters you just want to get rid of the property and get on with your life? Do you not have the time to spare and follow the enumerated tips above?

Well, if it all goes down to giving up your property, Sell Any House is the right partner for you. We have been helping homeowners and property owners around Los Angeles with their “sell my house fast” dilemma. May it be because of structural issues, medical bills, or a sudden death of a loved one.

The process is quick and hassle-free and done in as little as five days. There are no hidden fees or closing fees, even with an existing tenant, Sell Any House will help resolve your bad tenant issues.

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