SellAnyHouse LA Needs Real Estate Agents

Sell Any House Is In Need Of Outside Sales Representatives

Sell  Any House  is  a  leading  innovator  in  providing  simple,  stress-free,  and  fast house selling process for many homeowners anywhere in Dallas, Houston, NYC, and  L.A.  With  the  growing  number  of  areas  to  cover  and  property  owners  to serve,  Sell  Any  House  is  in  need  of  an  Outside  Sales  Representative  to  help establish better client relationship and encourage repeat business.

Primary Responsibilities

An  Outside  Sales  Rep  is  responsible  for  surveying  areas  of  interest,  gather information to help build potential client list, discuss company offers to clients, educate  potential  client  about  the  process,  encourage  new  clients  to  use  the company service, and promote and preserve the company image.  

Work Environment

Outside  Sales  Reps  works  both  in  the  office  and  on  the  field.  They  set  up appointments  after  clients  make  initial  contact,  and  meet  with  clients  on  the appointed date, time, and place.  

Employment Benefits

This  is  a  full  time  position.  Average  salary  for  a  sales  representative  and commission  for  every  sale  are  included  in  the  employee  benefits.  More  on benefits will be discussed upon hire.   

About the Company

Sell  Any  House  is  a  team  of  real  estate  investors  working  together  to  help property owners who are struggling with an unwanted house or a property that they  no  longer  need.  The  company  offers  realistic  solutions  and  practical methods to make home selling a smooth and convenient experience.

Learn more about SellAnyHouse LA by visiting this link:

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