Negative Equity | 3 Ways To Recover From A Difficult Situation

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Negative Equity | 3 Ways To Recover From A Difficult Situation

Having negative equity in your house is a nightmare coming to life. It doesn’t just drag down the value of your property, it also affects your overall financial standing. The equity becomes negative when the mortgage still owed is bigger than the actual value of the house.

This lessens your chances of getting a good sale price for the property when it is time to relocate to secure a more stable employment or if you don’t plan on staying longer in your current home. This is considered a common situation for most homeowners across the country due to factors that may be out of their control.

According to the report made by, “Nationwide 6.7 million properties representing 12 percent of all properties with a mortgage were seriously underwater at the end of the first quarter of 2016 – down 600,000 from a year ago and cut nearly in half from the peak of nearly 13 million in the second quarter of 2012. Despite home prices rising 47 percent since bottoming out in February 2012, some homeowners are still waiting for the home price tide to lift them back to home equity dry land. Here are the top seven reasons homeowners are still underwater based in our big data analysis of 56 million U.S. properties with a mortgage.

3 Ways To Pull Up Your Equity

We Buy Houses Cash Los AngelesWith the reality of this matter that affects a lot of households, both the government and financial experts and agencies have laid out ways to help pull up and improve home equity.

Refinancing Your Mortgage

When you struggle with the mortgage payments on your home, the greatest fear is losing your home to foreclosure. Refinancing could help lower the monthly due and provide some form of relief, but most lenders aren’t open to refinancing a property with negative equity. There are other related blogs in

There is a government program that enables some homeowners to refinances their house that has negative equity. The Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) may grant homeowners a loan to refinance to a more affordable payment. The homeowners must file an application to HARP to avail of the program and the loan must be underwritten by a lending team.

Move Out, Rent It Out

Families are eager to buy a house especially if it gives them extra space and room to move around. Since the option to sell house fast in Los Angeles isn’t available to properties with negative equity, one workaround is to rent it out and move into a new house. By renting out the property, it can pay for itself.

But renting a house isn’t simple and doable in one day, especially if you do not have an experience in being a landlord. You need to conduct thorough research on the matter and talk to an experienced landlord for advice and guidance.

Reduce Your Debt

This is probably the most basic and practical solution to increase your home’s equity. Slowly but consistently, pay off the debt you owe. One of the best ways to pay down your mortgage is to pay more than your monthly payment each month. When you do so, all that extra money goes directly towards paying down the principle loan, not to interest. If you have savings you can use to pay off some of the mortgage dues, take a portion of it and lower the debt. Some lenders may allow you to pay off up to 10% without penalty, and smaller repayments are deemed helpful. Contact your lender to make sure.

Consider Outside Help

SellAnyHouse LA is a home buying company dedicated to help homeowners who are struggling with their finances. We buy houses in Los Angeles from families facing common housing issues, even the most serious and difficult matters. Whether it is a house underwater or with negative equity, we find ways to help alleviate the situation. Check out what other housing problems we can help you with by visiting our recent news article at from

We also provide free in-house consultations to those who want to learn more about our fast and hassle-free transactions. We have a team of real estate consultants willing to impart their knowledge and expertise in the real estate market. If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact us! We are happy to help!

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Top 4 Ways To Turn Your House Into A Profitable Asset

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Top 4 Ways To Turn Your House Into A Profitable Asset

Your house is your fortress. It’s where you keep your army of children, your weapons of comfort living, your sanctuary in the buzzing city, and the trophy of all your hard work. For many, it is the biggest investment one could ever own in their lives.

However, like most homeowners in the country, a house is a liability as well. A big chunk of our paycheck goes to the mortgage, a monthly financial obligation that doesn’t have room for missed payments, or else the bank will it take away. And despite the large amount being invested in the property, it doesn’t generate income or cover for the expenditure itself.

A Self-Sufficient, Income-Generating Home

Unfortunate cases with such endings as a bad mortgage, recent job loss, or family business closing all can result in the need to liquidate assets. This, in turn, could lead to families needing to sell their house fast in Los Angeles. With this growing need,  SellAnyHouse LA has come up with realistic and practical solutions to address some of the most common financial problems’ causes.

But before we dig further into the benefits of a fast home sale, first let’s look at the top ways to turn your house from a liability into a profitable asset:

Rental Gains

We Buy Houses Los Angeles CAOne of the best ways to profit from your own home is to rent out a portion that is unoccupied, unused, or any extra space that can be useful to people who might need a small workplace. The basement is one good example. By creating a separate entrance to the basement, you can rent it out as a storage place, a work studio for artists, or a music studio for aspiring musicians (although, you may have to invest on soundproofing the basement to keep the noise down).

Grow Your Own Food

There is no limit to where your imagination can take you. Having a spacious backyard can work to your advantage. Try converting it into a small produce farm, grow fruits and vegetables. This way, you can feed your family with healthy food while saving on your groceries. Additionally, you can sell some of the produce in the local market.

Start A Small Business

Online selling is rampant nowadays due to the massive use of modern technology and the internet. If there is an artist in you and you have a pile of artworks and paintings hidden in your storage room, sell them online. Start selling children’s clothing if you have the knack for designing and sewing clothes for toddlers. Or you can purchase clothes in bulk and start up your online store.

Drop shipping is also a good alternative. It is a supply chain management method in which the seller does not keep goods in stock. The seller transfers customer orders and shipment details to either the wholesaler or another retailer, who ships the goods directly to the customer. Learn more about this process here.

The Good Old Yard Sale

Got unused clothes, furniture, and appliances getting dust somewhere in your house? Well, sell them off through a yard sale. This is a good way to earn extra income to pay off some of your liabilities while freeing up space in your house. You can also work with your neighbors and organize a group yard sale within your community. You aren’t just helping yourself, but your neighbors as well.

There are other means of generating extra income if you have the resources. Check out the other blogs at

It Doesn’t Have To End With Not Having Any Money

Although money is a problem when the expenditures exceed your earnings, life doesn’t have to end there. There are more ways to convert your house into a profitable asset. Check this guide article for more helpful ideas.

But what if you have tried several ways to help pay off the mortgage yet you’re still struggling with your finances? How will you be able to turn it into a profitable asset? Sell Any House has a simple solution for you. We buy houses in California from homeowners in need of a rush sale. If you need the money, you wouldn’t have to wait for weeks to get it, you can have it in as little as 5 days! It’s easy, fast, and free!

Let us know if this offer sounds like the solution you have been searching for.

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Top 5 Ways To Handle Your Medical Bills

In severe situations, the patient recovers well from being hospitalized but not from the whopping medical bill which wont vanish unless paid up to the last cent. Borrowing easy money from lending firm may not be the best idea.

Just how else can you swim far from this sinking ship? Some are compelled to sell house fast in Los Angeles to settle the clinical expenses plus the monthly financial obligations and bills continuously come till eventually, they find themselves sinking deep in the mud.

What Are Your Options?

It can become anybodys hardship, medical bills that are all over the place. Once they accumulate, getting up-to-date with what is due and current will mostly likely get you in trouble. No wants to end up selling a house to pay off a debt. How should you handle the bills without having to turn to a we buy houses Los Angeles company?


If you qualify for a discounted price, take advantage of it. When your health care provider offers a 20% discount on a few of your laboratory examinations if your pay upfront, dont let the chance pass if you have the money.

Charity Care Program.

Both federal government and non-government companies have programs that help any person that can not pay for a pricey treatment or those that are underinsured and uninsured. Find out the charity care program nearest you for any medical assistance.

Understand The Procedure.

By recognizing just what procedure you will be undertaking you can request for a price quote a get an idea of the probable expenses, or research on your own so you can start comparing the prices. By doing so you could conveniently identify abnormalities, if there are any.

Revisit Your Insurance Policy

It takes perseverance to check out every word in your insurance plan, yet it will certainly assist you manage your clinical expenses. Familiar yourself with terms such as Deductibles (the quantity you pay prior to the insurance policy coverage), Co-insurance (a portion you need to spend for a particular kind of treatment), or In Network (clinics/hospitals covered by your insurance policy).

When Medical Bills Becomes Too Expensive

Trading your the home to pay medical bills is not a very easy choice, however SellAnyHouse Dallas has formulated solutions to help alleviate some of the most difficult financial situations. We have quicker means to come up with the money needed to pay off the mountainous clinical bills

Talk to our Rapid Real Estate Buyer Team to examine your house and offer you a reasonable market deal. All the preparation needed to beautify the house and fix the structural and design flaws, our team will handle all that. We buy houses in Los Angeles to simply help families that need one.

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Sell My House Due To A Death Of A Loved One

Moving on after a member of the family has passed away doesnt have a step by step guide. It is a process each family must face together to cope with the death of a loved one. Some families may take a vacation to lessen the grief, some go on with their every day life to take their mind off the loss, while some prefer to move away either for a little while or permanently to cope up.

At this difficult time, leaving your house for good can immensely help the family, and in this difficult time selling the house fast is vital. Sell Any House is an expert in handling houses that are in need of a fast sale. We have been in the real estate business for years, we have accumulated the skills and the experience that has prepared us to help families on their way to recover from a death of a loved one.

If you are in need of a speedy process, then allow us to guide your through letting go of your property in as little as 5 days. We respond fast, we provide action just as fast. Take advantage of our fair cash offer and move on with your life. Contact us today!

Its never easy to deal with the death of a loved one, and sometimes selling a house can help you move on, learn about how we buy houses California by visiting our website:

Sell My House Fast Due To Low Home Value

The real estate value in my area dropped because of a newly opened dumpsite near the town boundary.

A fault line was discovered last month near my backyard now my mortgage is bigger than my homes worth!

Economic development isnt reaching my community, land value in my area significantly dropped!

Has the home value in your neighborhood dropped as well? Are you looking at paying more on the equity and mortgage than what your property is truly worth?

Getting stuck in this situation downgrades not just the home value of your house but your overall assets as well. Moving to a better community might be the best recourse at this point.

When in need of a fast house sale, Sell Any House offers the most reliable and hassle-free transaction. With experts on the real estate market backing up the team, there is not a single housing problem we can not fix.

Youll be surprised at how much convenience our systematic approach can give you. Grab the opportunity and contact us!

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